Globecomm is the government’s choice for optimized satellite communications. Our scalable, best-of-breed solutions have been shaped by government agencies, military operations, and disaster relief efforts for decades. Integrating advanced global network solutions for your critical communications need is our primary mission. From war zones to weather data, IP voice networks to SCADA monitoring, Globecomm delivers customized, cutting edge, turnkey satellite communication solutions for government and military customers that connect dispersed teams and forces to broadband, information networks, that back up critical information grids, and that restore robust communication capability when existing infrastructure has been compromised.

Satellite Earth Stations and Networks

Globecomm brings decades of experience to designing, engineering and integrating earth stations and complex network to fulfill specific customer needs. Earth Stations range from hub systems to multiple remote terminals in sizes ranging from Standard A down to sub-meter antennas, and include all electronics (L through Ka-band and all intermediate frequencies) needed to meet the customer’s requirements for transmit, receive and interface to terrestrial networks. Also included is complete system documentation and Globecomm’s commitment to make sure the system we sell you successfully enters service, no matter what.

Globecomm designs and integrates complex networks using a mix of satellite and terrestrial technologies to extend service to remote regions and conflict zones, as well as for disaster preparedness. Our expertise in satellite networking provides the most efficient possible use of bandwidth, while our best-of-breed approach to design ensures robust, reliable operation.

Wireless IP Systems and Networks

Globecomm designs, integrates and installs complete cellular and wireless networks bringing customers the benefits of next-generation packet switched IP radio technology. We specialize in creating cost-effective network rollout solutions for rural and remote regions with a mix of terrestrial and satellite backhaul. Whether building a new network or extending coverage, Globecomm provides core solutions and advanced network services, single-source installation, test and optimization, turn-up of the network, training, and on-going Lifecycle Support Services.

Video Systems and Networks

Globecomm specializes in designing and building next-generation IP networks to support the full range of video, voice and data requirements mixing satellite and terrestrial technologies as required. IP video supports videoconferencing, surveillance and other applications over the same networks used for non-video traffic, saving money and reducing network complexity.

Ensuring high quality for video transmission in the IP environment is hard, and introducing satellite into the network raises the stakes. Globecomm has the expertise to design and manage cost-effective next-generation video-data-voice networks for high throughput and uptime, whether the application requires broadcast or interactive video, and whether all content is live or involves content hosting and management.