Installation, Operations & Maintenance

Globecomm offers a comprehensive set of installation, operational support, maintenance, repair and training services to ensure optimum performance from our technology and a high level of professionalism from network management personnel.

Installation and Start-Up Support

Installation service is provided by a network of field technicians across the United States and in selected international centers, as well as by technicians based at our Hauppauge corporate headquarters. Each has passed VSAT certification-training courses and has been individually interviewed and security-vetted prior to becoming a certified Globecomm technician. A Globecomm Program manager oversees installation of remote network sites and takes full responsibility for implementation, administration and performance. Globecomm furnishes all necessary labor, equipment and materials and demonstrates successful operation to the customer’s on-site representative before completing work. For systems installed by Globecomm, complete documentation will be provided, along with our commitment to successful service. For pre-engineered systems, our technicians are available on-call to resolve integration problems with existing equipment.


In addition to documentation and start-up support, Globecomm provides expert training for your operating personnel, equipping them with all the skills and knowledge they need to successfully and properly manage individual systems and complex networks.

We understand that the success of a network depends on how well users at the remote ends operate the system. Globecomm provides the following training and documentation services for local site coordinators:

  • Basic Training. At the time of installation, the on-site technician provides an overview of the system and explains the IRD and its function keys. Globecomm also supplies a reference guide that graphically displays the specific system and configuration of the network, including basic troubleshooting instructions and the contact numbers for the Globecomm Help Desk.
  • Enhanced Training. Customers have the options to add enhanced training on all aspects of the technologies installed at the remote sites. Enhanced support includes additional training program content, scheduling and on-air talent for a live interactive tutorial.


Customers requiring continuing support for their systems or networks can take advantage of our Lifecycle Support Services, including Network Monitoring from our Network Operations Center, Help Desk and Field Service.

Globecomm’s network of technicians provides on-site maintenance and repair of network nodes. Maintenance is available in two forms:

  • Full-Service Package: includes complete coverage for a fixed monthly fee per location. Globecomm assumes all responsibility for the network, including stocking a spares pool and restoring downlink systems to working order.
  • Time & Materials Package provides cost-flexibility for ad-hoc maintenance. Customers are required to purchase a spares pool of key equipment equal to 5% of the number of remote sites in the network, and pay for installation or maintenance on a per-call basis.

At the heart of Globecomm’s maintenance system is our proprietary database used to track hardware deployed at each site, contact information for each site, digital site photographs and detailed data such as antenna pointing and carrier frequencies. The database also tracks all work orders related to a site, including site surveys, installation and service calls.