The Globecomm App

As crews have increasingly moved towards using their own devices to access voice, chat and social sharing, Globecomm Maritime recognized the need for a dedicated smartphone app, optimized for satellite communications.

The Globecomm App addresses this need and provides all users, whether masters or crew, with a cost-effective means of maintaining communications with headquarters, as well as friends or family who are ashore.

Easily installed on any Android device, administration of the app is simple. Users simply purchase a voucher from the ship’s Master, after which they can administer their account themselves. The ship needs only an active broadband satellite connection and an external Wi-Fi antenna to enable crew members to establish an internet connection.

Optimized for VoIP technology with selectable quality settings, the app works over any VSAT service, Inmarsat FleetBroadband or Thuraya MBB. In addition to a broadband terminal, use of the app while onboard a ship requires a Nimbus smart box or other configurable firewall and router combination, together with a crew Wi-Fi access point supplied and preconfigured by Globecomm Maritime.