Nimbus and Cirrus Communications Management

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Nimbus and Cirrus Communications Management

Nimbus and Cirrus offers ship owners, managers, officers and crew a powerful and cost-effective management platform for communications worldwide. Nimbus manages connections to all major IP-based satellite and 3G/4G networks that in turn deliver broadband data and value-added applications wherever your vessels trade.

Users can access VOIP, web apps and specialist software to stay in touch while removing the administrative burden of managing bandwidth.

To help superintendents manage network settings by vessel or across a fleet, Globecomm provides a secure web portal, Cirrus, for ship and shoreside users alike. Functionality includes selecting preferred satellite connectivity and redundancy, configuring user accounts, establishing firewall rules and managing updates.


Nimbus Switch

In order to manage data connectivity from multiple satellite and LTE providers, Nimbus can act as the network interface, controlling all available connection paths onboard ship. Nimbus Switch manages automatic switching between the primary, secondary or tertiary connectivity paths to provide a seamless communications experience.

As the vessel moves between different network sources, Nimbus provides the best available network, prioritized by speed or by cost according to the customer preference. Custom firewall profiles can be applied to enable selective access to business and crew networks, business-only web access and email or only business email depending on the connectivity path available.

Nimbus Secure

Globecomm’s network and server security protocols help extend another layer of protection to customer data at a time when cyber security has become of paramount importance to maritime users. The wide variety of hardware, operating systems and software in use onboard ship has made maintaining quality of service and security across networks more and more challenging.

Nimbus features built-in security against viruses and cyber infection with two fully-managed firewalls on the smartbox and the Cirrus shoreside portal, providing robust intrusion prevention.

For additional security, shore to ship connections are encrypted using the latest standards and end-to-end connectivity is via a private IP space with no exposure to the public internet. Nimbus also ensures the separation of crew and business networks so a malware infection cannot spread from one to the other.

Nimbus AV

For effective anti-virus protection, Nimbus integrates the Port-IT antivirus service which adds a further protection layer to shipboard devices. Optimised to use minimal system and satellite resources, Port-IT provides compressed, automatic updates to a central point on the vessel. Proactive protection includes viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, and rootkits, securing all email attachments, one of the biggest cyber risks.

Nimbus Browse

Nimbus makes browsing the web for news, sport or social content a premium experience by applying smart compression, caching and optimization – in the process benefiting users of the service and making the ship’s network more efficient.

Fleet managers owners can retain control of content, using a MIME filter to block selected audio, images and/or video content. In addition, it is possible to filter web traffic utilizing a white or black list and define key words that will also be blocked.

In benchmark tests Globecomm demonstrated that standard web pages will load up to 10 times faster when using Nimbus Browse versus a direct internet connection over a Globecomm VSAT link. Data consumption was also about 10% of the volume used over the direct connection.

Nimbus Mail

Nimbus Mail is a feature-rich service, designed to make email transfer and management more efficient for maritime users.  Efficiency features include message compression, header removal, transfer resume and push mail, giving Nimbus Mail users an improved email experience compared to standard shoreside email applications.

Nimbus also includes a built-in email server which supports standard protocols IMAP/POP/SMTP for use with mail clients such as MS-Outlook, as well as providing a webmail interface accessible over web browsers and a variety of devices.

Other features include powerful filtering tools, email backup and restore capability, as well as full administrative access for both ship and shore-based users.

Nimbus Crew

Nimbus gives ship managers and owners the ability to manage crew communications in the way they prefer. This can range from free of charge, unlimited internet access, to combinations of free and paid-for allowances for a monthly fee or ‘pay-as-you-go’ where the crew member is charged for all data they consume.

Nimbus allows the manager to decide whether crew usage is drawn from their corporate communications plan or is completely separate from that plan – a feature unique to Nimbus – with the important added bonus that they can offset their costs against spending by the crew.

Crew access can be managed via the built-in auto-credit facility which applies a standard top-up to each crew member every month, or via the PayPal and credit card facility which allows crew to top up their internet account completely independent of the vessel or vessel management.

Nimbus Remote provides a convenient and cost-efficient way to access any PC or other network device connected via Nimbus onboard ship. Shore-based IT users can reach and remotely manage their network assets, enabling them to minimize time spent visiting the vessel, as well as eliminate the need to subscribe to other remote management applications.

Globecomm Roam

Globecomm Roam is a new source of global bandwidth via 3G, 4G and LTE services, providing speeds of up to 100 Mbps at prices much lower than traditional satellite services. The Globecomm Roam service bundles a cellular modem, global roaming SIM card, and a maritime antenna to enable connectivity up to 30 miles from shoreside cell towers.

• Access to Cellular Networks in More than 140 Countries
• Bundled Maritime Cellular Package Including Modem, Antenna, Cabling, and Simcard
• Interfaces with Nimbus Network to Enable Least Cost Routing and Secure Connectivity
• Flat Rate Monthly Fee for Predictable Monthly BudgetNimbus Remote



Supports the customer’s choice of connectivity and applications, auto-switching for stable ‘smart routing’ between satellite or LTE/3G channels.


Complete policy and user access control ensures delivery of high priority messages, multiple LANs for business, crew, charterer and M2M applications with detailed reporting.


Compatible with current and next IP-based generation maritime communications systems, Nimbus is easily scalable when users upgrade their shipboard connectivity or data plan.


Enterprise users can use third party, bespoke or web applications and all staff can use their own email accounts. Embedded pre-pay means zero administration for company or the ship’s master.


Two fully-managed firewalls on the Nimbus smartbox and the Cirrus shoreside portal provide a robust intrusion prevention system with deep packet inspection with encrypted connections and end-to-end connectivity via a private IP with no exposure to the public internet.

NIMBUS Devices

The entry-level option, Nimbus Lite was developed to suit owners with low data needs and limited communications outlay.

Mid-range Nimbus is perfect for users who need to unlock the potential of maritime communications while securely controlling defined networks.

For shipowners who have embraced high throughput communications, Nimbus Pro is designed to drive the value of VSAT to the connected maritime business.

  • Nimbus Lite – for shipowners using L-band/3G-LTE who want to control costs within low monthly MB packages and limited crew calling demand.

    Nimbus Lite
  • Nimbus – for shipowners using L-band/3G-LTE or VSAT/L-Band who want to manage multiple network connections and enable segregated crew access.

  • Nimbus Pro – for shipowners using more complex VSAT/HTS/L-Band installations with multiple dedicated networks and varying qualities of service.

    Nimbus Pro