Nimbus and Cirrus Communications Management

As the bandwidth available to maritime users increases, ship owners need to be able to give their crews access a greater range of value-added and third-party applications, while also retaining a practical level of control.

Nimbus and Cirrus offers ship owners, managers, officers and crew a powerful and cost-effective management platform for communications worldwide. Nimbus manages connections to all major IP-based satellite and 3G/4G networks that in turn deliver broadband data and value-added applications wherever your vessels trade.

Nimbus helps fight the challenges of ever-increasingly complex ship and shore-based communications by enabling users to choose the applications and levels of user control that suit them best.

Users can access VOIP, web apps and specialist software to stay in touch while removing the administration burden of managing bandwidth.

Key functionality includes optimization, compression and caching for improved web browsing, a built-in email server compatible with any email client and an embedded PayPal application for pre-paying before crew access. Caching can be extended to antivirus and program updates which can be stored locally. Nimbus can also be custom-configured to enable the integration of third-party or custom software programs.

To help superintendents manage network settings by vessel or across a fleet, Globecomm provides a secure web portal, Cirrus, for ship and shoreside users alike. Functionality includes selecting preferred satellite connectivity and redundancy, configuring user accounts, establishing firewall rules and managing updates.

Nimbus Key Features

  • Compatible with all IP-based satellite and 3G/4G networks
  • Compression, caching and optimization for improved internet browsing
  • Built-in email server allows connection to corporate or webmail services
  • Custom module supports integration of third party and customer-specific programs
  • Complete visibility, control and accountability across networks and devices from ship and shore

Supports next generation of crew communications with embedded PayPal and credit card authorization