Access-GSM puts reliable connectivity in the hands of seafarers and lets them connect with friends and family using their own phones in privacy and at an affordable price.

A unique voice and SMS solution, Access-GSM uses Picocell technology to combine satellite and GSM connectivity, connecting via satellite when at sea and enabling users to roam seamlessly onto terrestrial networks when in range of land.

Access-GSM works across all major L Band and VSAT satellite networks and can be used with Inmarsat Fleet Broadband’s multi-voice service. Crews have reported that call quality is better than comparable VOIP services.

The service is priced competitively compared to traditional crew voice calling services and both post-paid and pre-paid options are both available. Pre-paid accounts can be topped up directly through PayPal or with a credit card or by purchasing a top up PIN card onboard.

Crews can use the same Access-GSM SIM card for roaming internationally whether in port or ashore. Their phone number will remain the same so that friends and family know how to contact them regardless of the ship’s position.