FAST (Forward-Deployed Asset Support Terminal)

FAST from Globecomm gives you access to forward-deployed, self-powered satellite communications platforms providing IP connectivity for voice, video and data anywhere in the world. Unlike typical quick-deploy solutions, the FAST platform is enterprise-class, able to deliver tens of megabits of connectivity and technology options that can turn the platform into multipurpose hub for local communications.


  • FAST portable earth stations with antenna, mounts and hardware, power supply, modem and SNMP card
  • Plug-and-play voice and Internet capability for email, online services and video
  • Ready-to-deploy technical personnel to provide set-up and maintenance of the communications hub on short notice
  • Coordination of shipping, travel, customs and all other logistics
  • Satellite bandwidth on demand with no reservation fee

SatCell Option

With each FAST unit, Globecomm can deploy its SatCell Instant Mobile Network, a patented satellite-based terminal providing GSM, CDMA or UMTS (WCDMA) mobile service. Using the FAST platform for backhaul, SatCell provides local and long-distance mobile service including voice, SMS, Internet data and advanced calling features. SatCell integrates smoothly with OSS and BSS from all major vendors. An optional telescoping mast antenna provides extended range.


Rapid Restoral of Communications Service. When disaster strikes, today’s complex telecom networks are often the first piece of infrastructure to fail, whether through broken circuits, drowned power supplies or overwhelming call volume. Globecomm’s investment in equipment, manpower and satellite bandwidth puts rapid response a telephone call away.

Robust Capacity and Mobile Connectivity. FAST is not just a flyaway or portable antenna capable of meeting the most basic of requirements; with Enterprise-level capabilities it can support multiple simultaneous uses and, with the addition of SatCell, extend coverage to any mobile phone within range.