Mobile Satellite Communications

L-Band products and services for a wide range of applications.

With on-demand L-band services, Access Maritime provides a fully-managed service, billed by the megabit, on Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and 3G, which uses optimum compression and encryption to reduce the costs of data by more than 50%. Powerful filters can set black/white lists, assign limits to message sizes and display the cost of email messages and Web browsing during sessions.

High-Value Applications

Access Maritime offers a large and growing menu of applications to streamline vessel operations, improve safety and better manage information technology across the fleet.

Vessel Management

  • Weather analysis and display providing around-the-clock weather information through an icon-driven graphical interface.
  • Electronic submission of US Coast Guard Notice of Arrival/Departure Forms
  • Electronic form templates, which convert your most common forms into online templates that can be transmitted at a small fraction of the cost of a fax.
  • Communications Manager, which provides fast access to information on vessel communications, including email logs, billing and account balance information, email filters and much more – all online from any PC connected to the internet.


  • Remote maintenance and updates to shipboard computers by fleet IT staff.
  • Graphic management tools that help email users reduce total file sizes.
  • Centrally-managed antivirus system that maintains high-quality protection for all computers in the fleet network while reducing transmission costs.
  • Automatic archiving of all vessel data communications.
  • Email client that also provides SMS, fax and telex to and from email accounts.

Secure Video Chat

  • High-performance, low-bandwidth, secure video calling and conferencing for computers and smartphones, supporting multi-party conferencing, live video streaming, live chat and secure file transfer.

Mobile Satellite Networks

Inmarsat is the industry leader in mobile satellite services. The Inmarsat I-4 and I-5 satellite constellations provide global coverage by utilizing 3 geostationary satellites each. Each satellite provides a large footprint that is broken down into smaller spot beams that allow dynamic load balancing (this reduces the effect of contention and allows high data rates).


Iridium provides global coverage by using a mesh of low earth orbit satellites. Calls and data transmissions are passed from one satellite to the next until they reach a ground station.


Land Mobile Satcom: Inmarsat Terminals

Globecomm offers the full range of Inmarsat terrestrial terminals from the leading manufacturers as well as airtime for services including:

Value Added Services:

Globecomm Maritime has always recognized that communications is about more than just connectivity. The use of satellite technology to reach remote assets requires both specialized hardware and software in order to provide users with reliable and cost-efficient connections.