IoT Solutions Integration

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Globecomm’s Extensive Experience in the Satellite and Cellular Industries Offers Seamless Integration.

Globecomm designs and builds custom Industrial IoT solutions addressing complex technology, business and regulatory requirements. Globecomm can also build and manage multiple satellite and cellular network solutions offering connectivity for critical infrastructure support.

For customers building mission critical or data sensitive networks where security is a critical part of the solution, Globecomm provides consulting services in the cyber security market. Globecomm certifies and integrates networks while ensuring security.

When you want cloud-based technology, we provide it, and when it comes to complete design, integration, and implementation, we manage every step of the process. On sea, air, and arduous terrain, Globecomm makes connections possible. Globecomm Solutions Integration

How It Works

  • Globecomm’s integration and managed services offer a single interface for simplified Industrial IoT adoption and life-cycle management.
  • Globecomm has a state-of-the-art NOC with call center support 24/7/365. It offers cellular and satellite connectivity, device management, provisioning, billing, invoicing, rate plan management and API all managed through a central platform.
  • The platform provides multi-tiered account management capabilities, enabling seamless integration capabilities and fully managed services.
  • Globecomm provides regulatory, tax and licensing expertise for all its customers.
  • The platform combines Industrial Internet data from assets with real-time, location-specific information from open and out-of-network sources.
  • Globecomm certifies and integrates best-of-breed devices and networks while ensuring adherence to customer and local regulations.

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