IoT Platform

Manage All of Your Industrial IoT/M2M Needs from a Web-based Single Point of Interface.

Whether cellular, satellite, or dual connectivity, the Globecomm Industrial IoT Platform provides global multi-connectivity options. The platform combines several modules that build a uniquely robust and full Industrial IoT service delivery engine, from a single point of interface, that allows customers to select the best, most reliable, least cost connectivity option tailored to their needs.

A single console for managing all of your needs and assets simplifies connectivity, provisioning, device management, and billing—giving you and your customers total control.

Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the Globecomm Industrial IoT Platform is delivered via a secure, redundant and globally-engineered dedicated IP network, loaded with unique features including: Multitier customer’s accounts Management, Multi-network options, satellite and cellular connectivity management capabilities, advanced trouble shooting, provisioning, data plans and multi-tier billing flexibility.

Robust Features Mean Serious Benefits

  • Run Your Own Network: Expand business opportunities by offering cost efficient satellite data plans with very low overhead data per payload, so it becomes a more cost efficient transmitted data solution.
  • Seamless Integration: Built-in APIs that allow for seamless integration with industry deployed IIoT platforms and proprietary in-house developed platforms.
  • End-to-End Solution: The Globecomm IIoT platform is engineered for multi-vendor device management capabilities, enabling operators to offer End-to-End IIoT/M2M solutions, expanding the reach above and beyond cellular coverage.
  • Global Connectivity: With dual mode or standalone satellite options, the platform enables selection of the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity.
  • Lifecycle Support: Globecomm built and engineered, this service ensures maximum performance and uptime for your IIoT needs.


  • For Enterprise: Accommodates complex connectivity problems with a user-friendly, single point of interface for network selection, device provisioning, billing, and device management.
  • For Mobile Operators: This unique platform solution enables wireless carriers to expand their M2M services offering beyond current cellular coverage, anywhere, anytime, over a wide range of devices and multi-satellite network options.