Industrial Video Solutions

Industrial Video delivers critical insight to organizations looking to drive efficient operations, reduce costs, and derive positive Return On Investment. At Globecomm, we are experts in the connectivity, management, and analysis of your mission critical video assets.

Network reliability, workflow optimization, and outstanding service are the hallmarks of our solutions for applications including Video Surveillance & Monitoring, Industrial Control, Field Services, Emergency Management, and Telemedicine.

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Value Proposition

Globecomm has a clear focus on delivering high-value customer outcomes.  Our connectivity solutions help you successfully manage costs while ensuring that you meet your SLA.  Our content management solutions allow you to scale, secure, and distribute your content anywhere on the globe.  Our applications optimize your business value, whether it is a moment in time or a moment of need.


We live in a world where camera technology and affordable networking have joined forces cloud and mobility technology to create opportunity across the full range of industrial video applications.

Whether it is Video Surveillance & Monitoring, Field Services, Emergency Management, Industrial Control, or Telemedicine, Globecomm’s solutions portfolio is well-suited to improve the way you deliver, manage, consume, and interact with video while improving your Return On Investment.

Our market view emphasizes the value of integrating M2M data solutions with the Internet Video of Things to drive a new generation of solutions for businesses like yours.

Connectivity for Industrial Video

Industrial Video solutions are often deployed in remote locations creating connectivity challenges.

Globecomm has over 20 years of expertise in providing communications to locations where infrastructure is hard to come by.  So whether it’s a Smart Buoy in the ocean, a drone inspecting a pipeline, or an ambulance needing to send video and telemetry data to emergency room responders, Globecomm can provide you with an industrialized solution that meets your requirements.

Our Connectivity Solutions Include: