System Integration Work Continues Globecomm’s Advance into Broadcast, Mobile and Maritime Markets

Hauppauge, New York – June 26, 2014 Globecomm CEO Keith Hall, noting the recent surge in systems integration project awards that the company has received from media, mobile and maritime customers, said that the trend reinforces the company’s decision to continue to grow its business in this area across an increasingly diverse range of vertical markets.

Globecomm, which has provided systems and network design and integration since its founding in 1994, recently announced project awards from major Asian and American broadcasters and will shortly announce a major IP-based, integrated broadcast system integration award for a prestigious university. Through these projects, Globecomm is helping broadcasters manage the complexity and cost of the continuing digital revolution.

Hall referred to the company’s 2012 white paper on its Digital Television Initiative as an example.

“Infrastructure, digital or otherwise, is nothing new for us. It is our heritage,” said Hall. “We have done systems design and integration for major brands like Showtime and have helped places as diverse as Afghanistan prepare themselves, at least from the perspective of modern telecommunications, for what we hope is more prosperous and peaceful era.”

The company has expanded its 4G LTE hosted services technology platform to serve a growing sector of telecommunications and broadband service providers in non-urban markets. “We are proud that in 2014 thus far we have provided smaller, competitive and emerging telecommunications and wireless service providers with ways to effectively launch 4G LTE services for their customers in rural and non-urban regions.”

Hall was referring to the company’s recent announcement that Evolve Broadband, Adams NetWorks and Chariton Valley were using its Hosted 4G LTE services.

As machine-to-machine communications become increasingly dominant in total communications traffic, Globecomm’s systems integration expertise is proving essential in helping maritime and transportation companies adopt monitoring and management applications that save money, ensure quality and reduce downtime.

In May, the company announced that it had received a service contract extension from a multinational media and information firm based in New York City. Globecomm continues to provide an onsite presence at the company’s teleport to perform operational checks and maintenance.

“We are a key component of this media company’s daily infrastructure, which is a testament to the quality of our engineers and our people and the legacy of trust we have built since our founding,” Hall added. “This is a company whose 24×7 service makes a difference in the world.”

He added that Lifecycle support for these networks and complex systems includes a comprehensive set of installation, operational support, maintenance, repair and training services, to ensure optimum performance from the technology.

In addition to its announcements from media and broadcast companies, the company was credited with implementing the first 3G network in war-torn Afghanistan in only 36 months back in 2006. This enabled the nation’s first democratic vote and linked its government ministries. At the time, The Wall Street Journal declared that the nation someday would be “open for business,” as a result.

“We took a risk with that Afghanistan project, because it was one that we believed in and it paid off for us and the Afghan people,” Hall said. “We don’t shy away from projects that we believe are profitable, have social value and take advantage of our engineering excellence,” he added.

About Globecomm

Globecomm Systems Inc. is a leading global communications solutions provider. Employing its expertise in emerging communication technologies, including satellite and other transport mediums, Globecomm is able to offer a comprehensive suite of system integration, system products, and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for our customers. Globecomm believes that its integrated approach of in-house design and engineering expertise combined with a world-class global network and its 24 by 7 network operating centers provides it a unique competitive advantage. Globecomm focuses this value proposition in selective vertical markets, including government, wireless, media, enterprise and maritime.

As a communications solutions provider Globecomm leverages its global network to provide customers managed access services to the United States Internet backbone, video content, the public switched telephone network or their corporate headquarters or government offices. Globecomm currently has customers for which it is providing these solutions in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Based in Hauppauge, New York, Globecomm also maintains offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. For more information, please visit

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