Globecomm and Future Care create ‘virtual ER’ to deliver emergency medical response to seafarers

Future Care Live telemedicine service combines cost effective video streaming with cutting edge healthcare provision for crew in remote locations

Cedar Knolls, N.J. —  Globecomm Maritime, a leading provider of maritime communications solutions, has formed a strategic relationship with Future Care, Inc, to create Future Care Live, a video-enabled telemedicine solution integrated into Globecomm’s popular Access Chat service.

Future Care Live combines Future Care’s Caring for the Crew® program with Globecomm’s Access Chat Plus live video streaming software to provide a revolutionary level of medical care to commercial shipping and marine personnel during emergency illness or injury at sea, as well as to respond to routine healthcare needs.

Using the video streaming properties of Access Chat Plus, Future Care Live creates a ‘virtual ER’, which allows for the simultaneous remote participation of general and specialist physicians, hospital treatment staff, Future Care case manager, shipowner representatives and family members while the patient is onboard ship.

Christina DeSimone, President and CEO of Future Care, said the alliance would allow both companies to greatly expand the reach and effectiveness of maritime telemedicine services.

“Telemedicine is a truly shared benefit – to the ship or boat owner or shipmanager, as well as to individual crew members – and in ways not imaginable a few short years ago. Seafarers will benefit from the virtual presence of Future Care’s network physicians and other medical professionals onboard ship while the shipowner and his P&I Club will save in medical costs, time lost and avoidance of deviation.”

Malcolm McMaster, President of Globecomm Maritime, said the ability to provide a genuine telemedicine was a timely development, given the ratification last year of the Maritime Labour Convention.

“Shipowners and managers are more than ever focused on the ‘human factor’ as the key to safe and efficient operations. Until now, this realisation has lacked the mechanism to truly provide innovative services like telemedicine. Putting Access Chat Plus together with Future Care creates the opportunity to deliver a service that can improve healthcare for mariners and also be highly cost effective.”

Originally developed for military use, Future Care Live meets the requirements of the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and international standards for the electronic transmission of private medical information. Other capabilities include virtual face-to-face secure communication in one-to-one or group settings for non-medical discussions, as well as the encrypted transmission of business documents of any size and in any format between ship and shore.

Both Future Care and Globecomm Maritime will be exhibiting this solution at the Connecticut Maritime Association Shipping 2014 Conference next week in Stamford, CT. At 3 PM on March 19, 2014, in the Charter Oak Seminar room,  Future Care will be holding a panel discussion entitled “Future Care and Yale University School of Medicine Present Injury and Illness at Sea – New Developments in Emergency Response and Tele-medicine.”

About Globecomm

Globecomm is a leading global communications solutions provider. Employing expertise in emerging communication technologies, including satellite and other transport mediums, Globecomm is able to offer a comprehensive suite of system integration, system products, and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for our customers. Under the Globecomm Maritime brand, Globecomm companies have been providing communications products and services to the maritime community for more than 12 years, and today service over 3,500 vessels. Globecomm Maritime’s products and expertise range from providing phone and Internet service over L Band and Ku Band satellites, to designing complex shipboard networks for a variety of market sectors.

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About Future Care

Future Care is a provider of international maritime medical management services offering health care solutions that meet or exceed the standards of care mandated by U.S law, including the Jones Act, and international law, including Title IV of the Maritime Labor Convention. Future Care offers medically-directed case management services [Delete “and programs for the international maritime community”] and works directly with seafarers, shipowners, yacht owners, ship managers and other maritime employers, together with their respective P&I Clubs and insurers. Future Care’s 24/7 First Response Caring for the Crew® program provides the seafarer and his employer with a superior [Delete “high quality”] managed healthcare response in both routine and emergency situations. Through access to the Company’s call center, proprietary networks, medically trained personnel and auditing services the shipowner can realize powerful savings both over and under his insurance deductible, throughout the world.

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