Globecomm Continues to Benefit From Gazprom Space Systems Satellite Yamal-402’s excellent EMEA coverage

Gazprom Space Systems continues to expand their successful relationship with Globecomm by signing a new contract for additional capacity on Yamal-402.

Globecomm purchased additional satellite capacity for a total of 36MHz on Yamal-402 European beam to serve customers in the Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) region.

The capacity is used by Globecomm to invest in an open i-Direct platform covering the EMEA region and to deploy new projects providing satellite communication services to oil exploration companies and European Governmental organizations.

The successful partnership with Gazprom Space Systems originated more than a decade ago and continues to result in growth of business bringing advanced communications to fast-growing, emerging markets. Globecomm operates 13 teleports worldwide and offers services with Gazprom Space Systems on Yamal-402 and Yamal-202. Globecomm has one 5.6 meter and two 9 meter antennas pointed at Yamal-402, uplinking services from teleports in the Netherlands, the UK and Moscow.

“The networks designed by Globecomm have been engineered to guarantee a high level of quality and reliability. Yamal-402 perfectly meets these requirements thanks to high power performance and stability of its capacity,” said Patrick Visser, VP New Business Development from Globecomm.

Gazprom Space Systems’ Deputy Director General Igor Kot emphasized: “Globecomm is one of our biggest clients. It combines the best features of the leading providers and has solid reputation. We consider them to be our strategic partner. It is with their support we successfully enter new geographical and industrial markets.”

About Globecomm

Globecomm is a leading global communications provider serving government and commercial markets in over 80 countries. Globecomm employs engineering expertise in consulting services, system design and integration, maritime and mobile communications, media services, and mission critical networks, to provide its customers the optimal solution. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to-end, managed service communication’s solutions worldwide.

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About Gazprom Space Systems

Gazprom Space Systems is an international operator providing satellites capacity in a considerable part of the Eastern hemisphere. The company has created and operates Yamal Satellite Communications System consisting of three satellites (Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, Yamal-402) and advanced ground telecommunications infrastructure (three teleports, digital satellite TV center, a wide network of ground stations in the Russian regions).

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Contact Information: Please contact Victoria Ioda, Director, International Sales and Business Development. Tel: +7 495 5042910 e-mail: