The Cloud Via Satellite

Globecomm is a Direct Connect partner of Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest provider of cloud-based computing.  Direct Connect partners maintain dedicated high-speed network connections into the AWS cloud and benefit from consistent and secure performance.  The close integration achieved between the companies has delivered two innovations of value.  For AWS, the Globecomm partnership opens up access to the vast amount of the world not connected to the internet.  Our satellite network ties directly into the AWS backbone, and permits data and video content to move into and out of AWS applications and connections to content delivery networks. Amazon Web Services logo

For Globecomm, AWS computing capacity has become an important asset.  An example is our recent porting of Tempo, our unique video distance learning platform, to AWS to take advantage of its capacity and internet connectivity.  AWS also offers thousands of specialized application building-blocks that let us start up new services faster and at a lower initial cost.  The flexibility of AWS gives our company the chance to experiment with new applications and servers without the time and expense of expanding our own data center, which further speeds the pace of innovation.

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