Taking LTE Mobile Private

This year, the US Federal Communications Commission authorized the use of the CBRS (Citizen Broadband Radio Service) band for use in mobile communications.   With the stroke of a pen, the commission created an opportunity to solve a challenge faced by every company that has vital operations beyond the edges of the network. Silhouette of an offshore oil installation

The opportunity is to use the LTE mobile standard for a private communications network supporting a wellhead, mine or firefighting mission in remote areas.  These operations depend on good data and voice communications as much as a factory in the middle of a city or suburb. LTE provides stable, high-bandwidth connectivity with better coverage than Wi-Fi.  It also connects easily with public mobile networks that run on the same standard.

Private networks are tiny by comparison with public mobile, which means that it costs comparatively more to connect each user or device.  To adapt LTE to private networks, Globecomm is developing low-cost, scaled-down technology at the network core and edge base stations to drive down the cost per user.  We are also expanding the ways in which it can be used.  Many IoT applications at wellheads or mines require only periodic connection to sample temperature or security sensors.  Globecomm is building “smarts” into the edge of the network so that it transmits high-priority voice and data at all times and stores other data to be transmitted off-peak back to headquarters.

It is said that invention is the art of turning money into ideas, while innovation is the art of turning ideas into money.  With each new innovation, Globecomm makes communications services and applications more cost-effective, more stable and robust, and frees customers from struggling with challenges of the latest and greatest in technology so that they can get on with their jobs.

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