Hotspots at Sea

Globecomm has been providing an IoT solution for years to one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Working in partnership with global communications carriers and wireless technology firms, we equip refrigerated containers with temperature sensors and small computers that connect wirelessly with shipboard systems and the enterprise network. The technology gives the shipper a digital record of the temperature inside the containers from beginning to end of the voyage. That can save millions of dollars a year in claims for losses from customers. rig in the ocean

That IoT solution, however, has become a foundation for much more. Today, we provide internet access for passengers and crew, vessel tracking and fuel optimization applications, voice calling and entertainment programming that is “trickled” over satellite links to shipboard servers during non-peak periods. Crew members can then play it on demand to their mobile devices. Our most recent innovation is next-generation cybersecurity with deep packet inspection. This delivers a high level of protection to the entire network – and also makes it possible for customers to filter out non-essential traffic, like Facebook and Microsoft Office updates, to save on bandwidth costs. These innovations take the fixed expense of protecting cargo and add value to make shipboard life more efficient, productive and pleasant.

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