New White Paper Explores Communications for Upstream Operations

Globecomm has published a new white paper on communications for the “upstream” operations of oil and gas exploration and production, which typically takes place far from the networks that connect the world. With the oil and gas business on an upswing, it forecasts that increasing drilling and production will drive greater demand for the connectivity on which the modern wellhead depends. The industry’s recent experience with crisis has driven many firms to increase their use of digital technologies to drive greater productivity. Communication service providers are expected to play an important role in helping the industry accelerate the shift to the digital oilfield, where connectivity allows secure, real-time collaboration and the use of data analytics.Whitepaper Cover Communications for Upstream Operations

There are two fundamental communications requirements: backhaul communications to the enterprise network, public switched telephone network and the internet; and onsite communications connecting workers and, increasingly, equipment that is part of machine-to-machine networks. The white paper offers analysis of the requirements, the options for meeting them and innovations that are delivering higher performance at lower cost.

Read the white paper.
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