Globecomm Supports the UN Crisis Connectivity Charter

Globecomm has become a supporter of the United Nations’ Crisis Connectivity Charter, adding turnkey resources and funding scholarships for training of first responders. Under the charter, global satellite operators will pre-position terminal equipment at UN facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Central America and train the staff of NGOs and governments in its use. The goal is to ensure that, when disaster strikes, no time is wasted in shipping, training or gaining capacity on satellite networks. Communications is of vital important in assessing disasters, planning response, managing onsite teams, and restoring government, company and civilian operations. United Nations

Globecomm is funding scholarships for GVF-developed training for users in a wide range of terminal equipment, from satellite phones and data units to VSAT terminals providing much greater capacity. Globecomm will also make available its ReliefSAT technology, a turnkey service and equipment solution for rapid deployment and restoral of communications on the ground. Connecting to Globecomm VSAT iDirect, it offers a high-performance service with plug-and-play terminals for internet, voice and video. ReliefSAT is one part of Globecomm’s disaster-recovery-as-a-service solutions.

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