Integrating Technologies for Better Performance

Satellite is the typical technology for connecting upstream sites to the enterprise network, so that managers in the field have access to the full resources of the company. The costs of satellite bandwidth have been falling for the past two years but it can still be a costly proposition when hundreds of Mbps are required. For a European-based client exploring for oil in Iraq, Globecomm integrated a satellite network with a 100 Mbps terrestrial microwave link terminating in our teleport in the Netherlands to provide a total of 158 Mbps to multiple drilling sites. In addition to providing high capacity, the dual paths also offered complete redundancy for all sites. The “big pipes” were needed because the main exploration site alone houses 5,000 people in addition to the big-needs of the operation.

oilfields with rigs
Azerbaijan OIlfields

Integration is about more than technology. The project was successful because we partnered with one of Iraq’s leading telecom suppliers to handle in-country work, while managing a global chain of transmission paths and technology vendors to meet the customer’s needs.

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