Adding Flexibility to Midstream Transport

Midstream pipeline operators could once rely on inexpensive SCADA data transmission for updates on key data from pressure to temperature. But the data load keeps growing as Internet-of-Things technology makes it possible to monitor performance in new ways and remotely manage more operations. A major midstream operator decided that it needed far more capacity and flexibility than its current VSAT platform could provide. Globecomm converted the 1,200-site network to the latest iDirect Evolution technology. With little increase in bandwidth costs, the network now supports data and video at average speeds of 2 MBPS, with the ability to burst to 10 Mbps on demand. It is also fully scalable to allow for the company’s continued expansion.steel long pipe system in crude oil factory during sunset

Just as important as the technology is the service package that wraps around it. Globecomm combines the field service operation that handled the installations, a global teleport presence and extensive terrestrial fiber connnetivity with iDirect’s advanced coding and network management.

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