Turning Capex into Opex in Broadcast Distribution

The video headend is the main core of video management and it controls a variety of functionalities, including ingest, storage, management, and packaging. Traditionally, this complex workflow required an equally complex array of specialized devices, daisy-chained together and controlled with a mix of analog and digital systems. Costs were high, management was difficult and hardware failure was an ever-present concern. Recently, however, software virtualization has made possible a revolution in video headend design. Reducing Capex Cover

Software is no panacea, however, nor is the cloud the answer to every storage and distribution requirement. Content producers rightfully insist on tight control over the creation, storage, processing and distribution of the content that provides their revenue stream. They need to integrate software in virtual environments that can hybridize existing systems and connect with satellite and fiber networks as extensions of the cloud, offering a robust and reliable path to growth in capacity with minimal cost.

Read the white paper, “From Capex to Opex in Broadcast Distribution.”