A Satellite Partner for the Internet of Things

Since 2016, Globecomm has served as AT&T’s partner for integrating satellite connectivity into the global carrier’s Internet of Things (IoT) deployments around the world.

Businesses and government customers often have assets spread across the globe. It can be challenging to pull data from devices in remote areas with limited connectivity. Think of places like a tractor on a farm, a generator in the desert or oil pipelines in remote regions. With satellite connectivity and cellular services, businesses can ensure that even their most isolated assets are working properly.

Last week, AT&T introduced its cloud-based platform, Multi-Network Connect, which supports Globecomm’s satellite IoT platform and enables businesses to manage devices across multiple cellular and satellite networks, operators and regions.

Where can satellite play in the world of IoT? This video from Space & Satellite Professionals International tells how Globecomm, working with AT&T and other partners, help container ships deliver their cargo in prime condition.