Rollins Corporation Moves Training to the Cloud

You may not have heard of Rollins Corporation, but you prob¬ably know its brands. From Orkin and HomeTeam to Western Pest Services, they provide pest control and protection to more than 2 million customers from more than 700 locations worldwide. Until 2006, Rollins University, which trains and certifies pest control technicians, used a combi¬nation of classroom instruction, pre-recorded content on disk and printed material to keep its employees up to date.control room monitors

The university wanted to stop letting technology dic¬tate how employees could consume training content. They wanted a multi-screen approach: consumption and interaction with content via big-screen TVs in train¬ing and break rooms but also on desktop comput¬ers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The university staff had other items on their wish list. They wanted to mix live and pre-recorded con¬tent in a single, easy-to-navigate platform that deliv¬ered significant cost savings over the legacy satel¬lite network. The search for a vendor that could take their training to the next level led them to one product: the Tempo enterprise learning and corpo¬rate communications platform from Globecomm. Tempo is an enterprise OTT video cloud platform that offers Man¬aged Video as a Service (MVaaS) for secure, deliv¬ery of live and on-demand content that is acces¬sible by authorized users from any screen or device located anywhere in the world.

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