Shipboard Internet System Helps Shippers Keep Their Cool

Image of a ship on ocean water.

Globecomm is a pioneer in IoT applications for the maritime market.  It is a particularly demand­ing place to deploy the Internet of Things, because ship owners are highly sensitive to the cost of satellite connections to their vessels and IoT solutions depend on real-time communications around the clock.  In the ship owner’s cost-benefit analysis, the value of the cargo has to justify the cost of constant monitoring.

One kind of cargo that fits the bill is the refrigerated ship­ping container.  These units maintain a con­stant temperature to protect perishable goods – as long as they are supplied with power from a truck, ship or from a diesel generator.  There is high value in being able to ensure a shipper that the tempera­ture inside the container remained within the right limits, and IoT technology is the only way to do it.

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