From Creation to Consumption at the 2017 NAB Show

When you have been in the media business a while, it’s easy to think you’ve seen everything. That’s a mistake we will never make – because the “traditional” business of television is undergoing the biggest changes in its history, filled with excitement, opportunity and plenty of risk to the world’s most successful advertising model.

Globecomm’s technical legacy extends to the earliest days of satellite-delivered television.  We have turned that experience into value for our customers, from the creation of content to its distribution across the multiplying paths the video follows to reach consumers.  A few stories will make that value clear.

Come talk to Globecomm and Kollective at NAB 2017 booth SU5921.Globecomm partnered with Kollective to bring manageable content delivery to enterprise organizations that need to schedule, target, and deliver a consistent message to everyone, at any time, on any device.

Leading Asian Broadcaster Selects Globecomm to Evolve their Broadcast Facility

GlobecomMan in red shirt in broadcast studiom has been selected by a leading Asian broadcaster to expand the company’s state-of-the-art broadcast facility, which was originally designed and engineered by Globecomm.  The phased contract calls on our company to provide design, relocation and implementation services, as well as new electronics, for the broadcaster’s satellite earth stations, which distribute nearly 200 TV channels catering to 5 million viewers throughout the region.

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Creating Media Studios for Journalists in Training at UMass

Media Studio with multiple screens The University of Massachusetts is the state’s education giant, with nearly 30,000 under­graduate and graduate students at its Amherst campus.  The university’s rich offerings include Departments of Communications and Jour­nalism.  To prepare for future careers, students in those programs need to master a broad range of technologies and the digital skills needed to turn them into stories.  UMass chose to tackle that challenge by constructing two new studios to give students experience with the full capabilities of real-world TV studios, where they could build expertise that would trans­late directly into the workplace.  As systems integrator, the university chose Globecomm.

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Rollins Enterprise Media Platform Takes to the Cloud

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Rollins is a global leader in providing pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects to more than two million customers around the world.  The company has been successfully operating an enterprise media platform installed by Globecomm, which delivers high-quality interactive video content, live or recorded, across the company for training and corporate communications.

Globecomm is now migrating that on-premise system to our cloud platform, which will deliver new features common to Globecomm’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform including E911 and Performance Support along with upgrades to its analytics capabilities to provide greater efficiency, increased safety, cost savings and improved performance for Rollins. These improvements will ultimately help Rollins improve its profit margin.

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Globecomm Provides Best-in-Class IPTV to Deployed US Government Personnel

Man and woman watching TVGlobecomm has developed a streaming Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) service for a US Government organization that has deployed personnel in a large, multi-unit dwelling overseas.  Employing its global terrestrial and satellite-based network, Globecomm provides an end-to-end, fully managed solution that includes video services with fully-licensed television content, DVR, digital signage capabilities and distribution to over 2,000 viewing points at a US Government facility.

Deployed personnel have the option of viewing 70 channels of network TV, sports, news, premium channels and video-on-demand selections.  The GPVS-TV technology solution is built on a multicast, IP-based backbone with dedicated secure private distribution to each end-user from a centralized hub or head-end system.

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