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Globecomm appoints J&E Papadopoulos to strengthen presence in Greece and Cyprus

HAUPPAUGE, NY, June 5, 2018 -- Globecomm, one of the leading providers of maritime connectivity services, is pleased to announce the appointment of J&E Papadopoulos as its new representative to the Greece and Cyprus shipping markets.

Globecomm adds Iridium Certus to maritime connectivity portfolio

Hauppauge, NY, June 6, 2018 -- Globecomm, one of the leading providers of maritime connectivity services, has signed an agreement to become a maritime distribution partner of the new Iridium Certus mobile broadband satellite service from Iridium Communications. The agreement enables Globecomm to further extend its portfolio of satellite, LTE and hybrid connectivity solutions and integrate all of its value-added services, increasing choice for shipowners and operators. Shaped entirely around user needs, Globecomm Maritime provides robust and secure end-to-end solutions for enterprise and crew communications, IoT and M2M services.

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Taming the 5G Beast—A Globecomm Focus

There is a hungry beast lurking in the shadows of the mobile telecommunications market — network engineers are starting to realize that the good old ways of taming this beast are losing their power. The beast goes by the name 5G and is extremely hungry for network capacity. The best hope of taming this beast relies on an innovative application of satellite technology in the communication mix.

New Antennas, New Opportunities—What’s all the hype about Electronically Steered/Scanned Antennas (ESAs)?

As a new generation of electronically-steered/scanned phased array and beam-forming antennas come to market, they will initially fill niches in mobility and related markets where satellite has not been able to penetrate due to the size, configuration and cost.

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