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Globecomm to Support Operationalisation of the UN Crisis Connectivity Charter

Globecomm is funding scholarships for GVF-developed training for users in a wide range of terminal equipment, from satellite phones and data units to VSAT terminals providing much greater capacity. 

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COTM + SOTM—More mobility, more bandwidth — meeting government requirements By Dwight Hunsicker, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Government Solutions, Globecomm

In the world today, there is a constant need for information, intelligence and awareness — this is particularly true for military forces who may be deployed anywhere, from large cities to the most remote locations — this is where Communications-On-The Move (COTM) and SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) come into play. Deployments may be sized from small teams to enterprise-level divisions numbering in the thousands. Satellite network technologies can provide the services, capabilities and infrastructures to furnish U.S. Government customers with connectivity services anywhere in the world in a highly secure and resilient manner.

Taming the 5G Beast—A Globecomm Focus

There is a hungry beast lurking in the shadows of the mobile telecommunications market — network engineers are starting to realize that the good old ways of taming this beast are losing their power. The beast goes by the name 5G and is extremely hungry for network capacity. The best hope of taming this beast relies on an innovative application of satellite technology in the communication mix.

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