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Globecomm to Support Operationalisation of the UN Crisis Connectivity Charter

Globecomm is funding scholarships for GVF-developed training for users in a wide range of terminal equipment, from satellite phones and data units to VSAT terminals providing much greater capacity. 

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From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence in Oil & Gas by Paul Scardino

The leading companies in oil and gas want more and they are asking their communications service providers to deliver it. They want to connect and integrate the specialist software products and business workflows across operations, maintenance, condition assessment, integrity management, staff training, data analysis and visualization. They want it to add up to more than asset management – they want asset intelligence.

Shipboard internet of things helps shippers keep their cool and owners save fuel

Globecomm Maritime leverages satellite communications expertise and creates systems for global IoT monitoring system of refrigerated cargoes and to collect fuel and performance data.

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