Globecomm designs networks for assets on the move and those which require real time data in the maritime sector.

Today’s commercial vessels are akin to a branch office at sea. At Globecomm we assure seamless connectivity back to the home office no matter how far, how remote or how treacherous the conditions.

When you have $50 million of assets afloat in the Makassar Strait during monsoon season,  Globecomm delivers seamless connectivity second-by-second, meter-by-meter.

Maritime Communications


Globecomm Maritime believes in offering choice to its customers. For some, high bandwidth VSAT is the right solution, while for others, narrowband L-band services can provide the bandwidth required. Regional services can also be offered to focus on specific markets as can GSM and near-shore connectivity for specialist applications.

Globecomm Maritime can provide any level of connection that meets customer requirements for voice and data, with a range of services reflecting global or regional service levels at a range of prices, with pre and post-paid plans.

Globecomm delivers maritime connectivity across a flexible blend of Ku-band VSAT, L-band (Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya), Wi-Fi and mobile technologies. These can be configured to match customer priorities; users are free to choose connection types, terminals, value added services and bandwidth to meet their cost and performance needs.

Our network of global offices means we are close to your assets wherever they trade and our dedicated teams can cover your requirements quickly whether for installation, service or upgrades.

Globecomm Maritime provides a complete solution, but because it is also modular in design, can be configured to match your priorities. You are free to choose connection types, terminals, services and bandwidth to meet your cost and performance needs. A typical solution includes the following:

Ship Solutions

  • Primary and secondary terminals providing access to your choice of VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya or Cellular networks
  • Nimbus access controller for integrated management of all communications, including separate, secure, software-defined networks for business, crew welfare and M2M applications (PDF 258 KB)
  • Crew Wi-Fi antenna for Bring Your Own Device connectivity

Shoreside Solutions

  • Network operator access via Globecomm network for L-band solutions
  • VSAT connectivity for quality monitoring, help desk support and troubleshooting
  • Cirrus access portal for managing onboard connectivity
  • Dedicated Access Maritime web server to better support ship owners and managers

Connectivity Options

Our VSAT service, your way

Bandwidth demand in the maritime and offshore industry is growing exponentially as asset owners realize the benefits of connectivity between their assets and shore-based networks. Applications including tracking, monitoring, safety and security, navigation and maintenance are combining to create a wave of new connectivity.

For enterprise users, Globecomm operates its own state-of-the-art global Ku-Band VSAT network. A fully-managed end-to-end service, Globecomm VSAT supports a wide range of applications on a network that draws on decades of operating experience, enabling throughput up to 150 Mbps over Ku/Ka and C-Band satellites.

The result is ‘industrial strength’ data management and information logistics with the shortest, least-cost backhaul for your communications traffic, including M2M and IoT services and solutions for data and broadcast video services. Supported by the company that built it, our VSAT service is actively managed from our own Network Operations Center, 24/7.

Globecomm VSAT key features

  • Global network availability of 99.9%
  • Secure and reliable global broadband coverage
  • Automatic beam switching to provide seamless coverage to mobile assets
  • High-value applications including email, internet, VoIP, vessel monitoring and system management, supports BYOD via onboard Wifi
  • Lifecycle Support Services including 24×7 monitoring and customer care
  • Lease or purchase hardware options with systems installation

Complete Connectivity Options

Globecomm has solid relationships with satellite network operators serving the maritime industry. A long-standing distribution partner of Inmarsat maritime services, we are a worldwide Value Added Reseller for FleetXpress, Inmarsat’s first Ka-band VSAT service, offering high throughput global services across all major maritime centres of operation.

Globecomm also acts as a VAR for Iridium, which is in the process of launching a new constellation as the platform for next-generation services. The Iridium NEXT constellation will underpin the new Certus broadband service which when complete has the potential to offer a powerful L-band complement to VSAT.

For operators seeking cost-competitive solutions with a regional focus, Globecomm is a VAR for Thuraya, which provides L-Band services focussed on narrowband applications including IoT and M2M as well as crew voice calling.

Value Added Services:

Globecomm Maritime has always recognized that communications is about more than just connectivity. The use of satellite technology to reach remote assets requires both specialized hardware and software in order to provide users with reliable and cost-efficient connections.