Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS)

Globecomm has been selected as one of the prime contractors to compete for Delivery Orders related to the US Army’s Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract. The contract, administered by the Army Contracting Command – Rock Island, supports the Program Executive Office’s (PEO) Program Manager-Defense Communications and Transmission Systems (PM DCATS).

With an overall contract ceiling value of $4 Billion, the multiple-award contract enables Globecomm to compete for an array of communications systems and services projects supporting the ongoing upgrade and maintenance of the US Army’s satellite communications and terrestrial wide area network infrastructure over the next five years.

Globecomm is supported by over 40 teammates recognized as leaders in the engineering, provisioning and support of communications and transmission systems technology.

Under the contract, Globecomm will pursue individual Delivery Orders for communications systems, including satellite, microwave, fiber optics, radio and wireless technologies, and all associated support services including program management and administrative responsibilities to support the army’s global satellite communications terminals and terrestrial transmission systems networks.

Potential services may include systems integration, engineering, analysis and facility and site preparation, as well as installation, operation, maintenance, program management, logistics, technical field assistance and other support activities.

The CTS requirements are at a System of Systems level, encompassing a broad range of communications systems and technologies, with corresponding System of Systems management and administrative responsibilities. Contractor-provided supplies and services include system integration, systems engineering and analysis, operations, maintenance, equipment and system installation, material procurement, facility and site preparation, outside plant trenching, software support, program management, logistics, technical field assistance, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, information operations and assurance support, training, and depot support at a vendor and regional levels. The orders shall be performed in conjunction with new and existing Government systems.

Contract #: W52P1J-13-D-0104

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