Wireless Managed Network Services

Hosted & Managed Wireless Services

Globecomm offers mobile carriers a competitive edge by operating state-of-the-art GSM and CDMA hosted cores capable of providing 2G, 3G and 4G cellular network services including voice, high speed Internet, SMS, MMS, voicemail, prepaid and post-paid billing, E911 and CALEA. Our Mobile Switching Core offers full redundancy for all major components, as well as dedicated and redundant power and HVAC, 24×7 support from our Network Operations Center and redundant OC3 fiber circuits.

Depending on your needs, your service can be hosted at Globecomm’s Network Core, or Globecomm can remotely manage your core and augment it with the latest services and capabilities from our core. By working with Globecomm, you can extend an existing cellular network into new territory, overlay advanced services on a legacy network or create an entirely new network. Globecomm can provide end-to-end managed network services including core switching, backhaul, integration to the customer’s IT infrastructure, and integration and installation of base stations linked terrestrially or via satellite, with security levels matched to your needs.

Learn More About Our Support For:

  • 2G-3G: Current generation CDMA and GSM networks
  • 4G/LTE: Advanced capabilities, reduced capex

Benefits of Managed Network Services

High Performance. Our managed networks benefit from advanced monitoring and troubleshooting response and resolution. A managed network will run more efficiently, allowing for everyday operations and critical tasks to be performed smoothly and reliably.

Reduced Business Risk. Hosted core services offer carriers a predictable monthly cost instead of a high-risk up front capital investment. As your subscriber base grows, operating costs scale with revenue to maintain profitability.

Engineering and Implementation Services

In addition to wireless services and managed network services, we can build, upgrade or extend your Radio Access Network, from design and integration to provisioning and installation of every element of the network. We often combine upgrade of field equipment with hosted or managed services to offer a substantial boost to capabilities at a surprisingly low cost. We can even implement an overlay network that leverages your 2G/3G spectrum to provide 4G/LTE services.