Cellular / Gateway Solutions

Remote cellular voice, data and text management system that allows seamless hardware deployment and versatile product offerings.

The Symphony Platform

Globecomm’s Symphony is a remote cellular voice, data and text management system that is powered by our Network Management Enclave (NME). With its centralized control signaling, routing and IMSI/SIM management, the Symphony/NME architecture allows for seamless hardware deployment and versatile product offerings. Symphony may be deployed in any situation requiring technology transition from cellular to terrestrial and vice versa, including: Maritime Communications, Enterprise Messaging, and Disaster Recovery.

Symphony Maritime

Symphony enables maritime vessels to connect to 3G/4G cellular networks when traveling within 25 miles of shore.  This near-shore communications capability provides high-speed data (up to 40Mbps) to and from the vessel and allows users to enjoy higher data speeds at a reduced rate.

The core of Symphony’s capability lies in its synergy with our Network Management Enclave (NME), a relationship that allows for centralized control of each remote gateway’s configuration down to the lowest levels of the operating system.  This means Globecomm can optimize performance based on vessel location, local cellular providers, signal strength and other factors controlled at the NME level.

Symphony Maritime Features:

  • 4 to 32 3G/4G modules (channels) per gateway
  • IMSIs and data plans may be shared across an entire fleet
  • The vessel gateway may be managed over satellite and/or cellular connectivity
  • An onboard Linux based routing
  • Antenna agnostic
  • Optional voice calling (inbound and outbound)
  • Independent Call Detail Record (CDR) and data usage generation per vessel gateway

Symphony Enterprise Messaging

Text messaging has surpassed email as the primary means of text based conversation—a shift that has made this platform the ideal method for corporate,  governmental, and emergency response communications.  The Symphony Enterprise Messaging gateway allows organizations to tap into the power of text messaging from both email and SIP based applications that likely already exist within their IT infrastructure.

Symphony Enterprise Messaging Features:

  • In network texting
  • Multi-network presence
  • Capable of operating in CDMA, GSM and LTE networks
  • SMS to Email and Email to SMS conversion
  • SIP to SMS and SMS to SIP conversion
  • Customizable text formatting
  • Scripting for automated messaging based on customer defined parameters
  • Hosted or on premise options

Symphony Disaster Recovery

As cellular networks have become more robust their ability to transmit information quickly has garnered widespread enthusiasm for use in scalable disaster recovery end emergency response efforts. The Symphony platform leverages today’s advanced cellular networks, as well as traditional terrestrial links, to create an integrated disaster recovery router with built in voice and data redundancies. The disaster recovery gateway is intended to reside between the corporate/enterprise networks (both voice and data) and provide automated routing options based on network availability. Beyond that, Symphony is capable of providing and managing multiple communications links without the need for major infrastructure changes.

Symphony Disaster Recovery Features:

  • Voice and data redundancy
  • Cellular – GSM/CDMA (2G, 3G, 4G and LTE)
  • Multiple voice transport protocols (SIP, H.323, T-1/E-1 PRI)
  • Built in routing function (least cost, availability, customer defined)
  • Minimal physical space – 1RU to 2RU of rack space at customer facility