Cellular & Voice Solutions

Globecomm provides a variety of voice services as part of its end to end solutions. These services include modern standards such as VoIP as well as legacy protocols such as E1/T1 PRI, SS7 and analog.

Globecomm offers local customer premise voice switching as well as connectivity to tier 1 and 2 international carriers. International call termination, least cost routing, post-paid, prepaid and self-care services are offered with all Globecomm voice services.

Wireless Communications

Are you seeking faster growth, greater flexibility or higher profitability from your wireless network? Globecomm can get you there. We are a full-service mobile and wireless communications solutions provider, offering a wide range of 2G/3G/4G-LTE services, technologies and network design expertise, including:

  • Mobile Hosted and Managed Services from our state-of-the-art hosted cores supporting CDMA and GSM across all generations
  • Professional Services, from specification and engineering to implementation
  • Lifecycle Support for individual wireless communication systems and complete networks, from installation and monitoring to optimization
  • Wireless Base Stations and Backhaul Equipment, including unique products supporting the transition from 3G to 4G /LTE
  • Cyber Security: Information security services from assessment to vigilance.

From Hosted Services to Wireless Technology, Network Design & Support

Globecomm specializes in helping carriers profitably serve markets with unique challenges. Our services and products solve the operational and business problems of serving low-density and remote areas, deploying advanced services on legacy cellular networks, restoring service and providing secured communications on short notice. We offer:

  • A wide range of hosted end-to-end cellular network solutions, from access and switching through value added services and billing, that can grow rapidly and protect you against obsolescence
  • The know-how, team, partners, tools and facilities to make your complex cellular wireless network challenges simple
  • The ability to monitor and manage traffic, and to test new technologies, to keep the wireless communication and networks operating at peak performance and availability

Wireless Products: Field-Proven Wireless Technology

Globecomm includes specialized, state-of-the-art products in the design & integration of cellular networks. Products are based on a field-proven set of building blocks that allow us to quickly customize systems while providing high reliability and fast turn-up at a very competitive price.

  • SatCell Wireless Integrated satellite earth station and wireless base station, designed either for permanent installation or housed in rugged transport cases for instant deployment of cellular voice and data services.
  • FAST (Forward-Deployed Asset Support Terminal). Enterprise-class portable terminal providing an instant communications hub, supplied with ready-to-deploy personnel, logistics support and on-demand satellite bandwidth.
  • Secure Cell Specialized handsets, base stations and a central switch providing secure private communications on demand.
  • Base Stations and gateway equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, configured and customized to the unique needs of the cellular networks we design.

Voice Value Added Service

Access-GSM puts reliable connectivity in the hands of seafarers and lets them connect with friends and family using their own phones in privacy and at an affordable price.

A unique voice and SMS solution, Access-GSM uses Picocell technology to combine satellite and GSM connectivity, connecting via satellite when at sea and enabling users to roam seamlessly onto terrestrial networks when in range of land.

Access-GSM works across all major L Band and VSAT satellite networks and can be used with Inmarsat Fleet Broadband’s multi-voice service. Crews have reported that call quality is better than comparable VOIP services.

The service is priced competitively compared to traditional crew voice calling services and both post-paid and pre-paid options are both available. Pre-paid accounts can be topped up directly through PayPal or with a credit card or by purchasing a top up PIN card onboard.

Crews can use the same Access-GSM SIM card for roaming internationally whether in port or ashore. Their phone number will remain the same so that friends and family know how to contact them regardless of the ship’s position.

Cloud Services

Cloud ServicesInformation technology has become crucial to organizational effectiveness and keeping your competitive edge. Companies that invest heavily in IT tend to significantly outperform those that do not in revenue and profit growth. But getting the greatest value from that investment, and managing the spiraling complexity of IT infrastructure, seems to get tougher every year.

Globecomm Cloud Services help you do both.

Cloud Services provide customers with “virtual machines,” each consisting of an operating system such as Windows or Linux and an application like SQL, Radius or Apache. Virtual machines include file, Web and mail servers as well as virtual desktops for computer users. They are virtual because they run on Globecomm’s cloud infrastructure, which delivers:

  • High availability
  • Secure access
  • Short configuration times
  • Robust disaster protection.
  • Savings from reduction in your data center’s server capacity and support requirements

Your Choice of Cloud

Depending on your needs, Globecomm can provide:

Public Cloud Services, in which your users share a network with others, which offers the best price-performance.

Private Cloud Services, using a dedicated network of virtual machines serving only your users, to ensure the security and performance of your applications.

Hybrid Cloud Services, for which we integrate our cloud infrastructure with your own servers to provide the right balance of cost-efficiency and security.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services Features:

  • Virtual SAN – SAS and SATA storage
  • Virtual computing with DRS and HA
  • Hypervisor with VMware software.
  • Network services
  • Security
  • Back-up
  • Automated provisioning & management & reporting