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Hundreds of channels. Multiple platforms. One compact virtualized solution.

Globecomm Vector℠ is a Virtualized Video Headend that simplifies the processing, packaging and customization of video content for multi-platform delivery across DTH, OTT, IPTV, cable and terrestrial TV.

Scalable to hundreds of channels, Vector’s IP-centric platform leverages Globecomm’s robust satellite, IP and fiber content delivery networks and the company’s extensive experience with design and integration of media infrastructure.

Vector replaces the need for the traditional data center with a compact solution that significantly reduces rack space, cabling and power. Whether hosted on Globecomm’s cloud network or implemented at a customer site,  each system is designed with Globecomm’s hallmark resiliency offering high availability.


  • Simplified video processing, packaging and customization
  • IP-centric solution DTH, OTT, IPTV, cable & terrestrial TV content delivery
  • Scalable to hundreds of channels
  • Hosted on Globecomm’s network or implemented at a customer site
  • Designed with Globecomm’s hallmark resiliency offering high availability
  • Cost-effective, compact solution significantly reduces rack space, cabling, power and operational constraints

Vector simplifies multiple, interdependent processes – including new compression technologies, multiple video standards and encoding advances such as adaptive bit rate – into software and data storage in an all-IP environment. The IP environment provides a common bus to simplify process communications and ease technology upgrade management. It provides lower and more efficient CAPEX or the replacement of capital expenditure with predictable operating expenses, and offers faster market-capturing delivery for new programs and channels, with dynamic scaling response to changes in demand.

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Globecomm offers a wide range of Managed Network Services for video, data, Internet and voice that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities.

Globecomm provides high-quality, competitively-priced voice, data, Internet and video network services that meet the mission-critical needs of communications service providers, enterprises, governments and media companies. When Globecomm delivers your managed network services, you can count on superb engineering, the most efficient use of bandwidth, and seamless integration with terrestrial systems.