Globecomm IPTV offers fully licensed U.S. video content to facilities such as Multi Dwelling Units (Office Buildings, Compounds, Camps, Military Bases, and Ships) and low density small offices or remote camps. Familiar U.S. programming typically not available from OCONUS local video/TV entertainment providers, can easily be delivered to individual set tops including video on demand (VOD) options for viewing when convenient.

Our competitive solution delivers customized viewing packages as opposed to a typical cable or media provider that prepackages content into a “one size fits all” offer. Fine-tune your channel selection to bring content of value to your viewers. Add CCTV, Training or Announcement channels to round out the available service offerings delivering multi-purpose value.

GLOBECOMM IPTV Option 1- Standard

The standard IPTV distribution is designed for locations with ample incoming bandwidth. This system supports hundreds of channels. Our network supports a very high density of TVs and can deliver different networks to each TV based on our advanced tariff control system. Build your customized viewing packages to your expectations.  This is very different from traditional “one size fits all” solutions.  Create unique dedicated channels for education, closed circuit monitoring, or information. This system offers on demand (VOD) from our head end.

GLOBECOMM IPTV Option 2- Mini –Head End

Our Mini-Head End distribution is aggregated around the world, and brought down via DVB receivers to the Head End at the MDU location. The channel management is done locally as opposed to the Network head end. This implementation allows for a wide range of managed features including on demand (VOD), unique dedicated channels for education, closed circuit monitoring, or information with a focus on the most efficient us of internet bandwidth. The Mini-Head End version of IPTV is designed for locations with a high density of televisions on site and low available bandwidth for external connectivity. This design option works with VSAT applications as well.

GLOBECOMM IPTV Option 3- Special Edition (SE)

This special edition of IPTV is for locations where there is significant internet connectivity and a low-density population of viewing sets. It allows for low cost low demand applications and subscribers to achieve great efficiencies of content delivery. This simple method uses basic high quality internet delivery to multiple TV sets in a lower demand environment.

Globecomm IPTV Channel Lineup US Premium Channel Options (170 KB PDF)