Fieldcaster/SNG Solutions

Fieldcaster/SNG Solutions is a cost-effective service that originates live broadcasts from anywhere while providing cloud based content management and distribution services.

Fieldcaster/SNG Solutions broadcasts an event from anywhere and streams it live and interactively, then archives and secures the content for on-demand viewing.

Fieldcaster/SNG Solutions can be used for distance learning, store openings and conferences; with events securely broadcasted to thousands of viewers across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Fieldcaster/SNG Solutions eliminates the expense of deploying a satellite truck for event broadcasting by providing a completely portable solution.

Our service leverages bonded cellular technology to reliably originate high definition broadcasts at dramatically less cost than traditional solutions. We couple this with our intuitive, cloud-based content management platform to enable an endless array of use cases.

Occasional Use Solutions

Working with Globecomm, you can provision capacity for Occasional Use satellite requirements. Transmit breaking and scheduled news events, special corporate events, provide comprehensive coverage of major sporting events, distribute syndicated programming and leverage new media applications such as file transfer or IP streaming. Your Occasional Use service can be as short as 15 minutes or can last for as long as several weeks or months.