Broadcast & Video

Today, organizations are faced with ever-expanding catalogues of content that need to be managed, monetized, secured, and globally distributed to audiences demanding a high-quality experience regardless of device, platform, or location.

At Globecomm, we understand video technology and workflows from creation to consumption. From Media Infrastructure projects to end-to-end IPTV solutions, we deliver results to broadcasters, service providers, content creators, and enterprises looking for reliability and value.

Value Proposition

Our focus is on delivering customer value. Our Media Infrastructure deployments are noted for their engineering design, craftsmanship, and integration with diverse systems.  Our network services equally noted for superb engineering coupled with unmatched service quality and efficient bandwidth utilization.  Our Enterprise, Cloud, and IPTV solutions are sought after for their reliability, scalability, and integration with customer networks.


Innovations in Broadcast Technology, Mobility and Networking have allowed video to proliferate all aspects of our life.  Whether we are working, learning or simply looking to be entertained, video has become central to our human experience.

At Globecomm, we are experts in these innovations and serve as a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brands—helping craft solutions that are vital to their mission and the success of the communities they serve.

Cloud Services

Cloud ServicesInformation technology has become crucial to organizational effectiveness and keeping your competitive edge. Companies that invest heavily in IT tend to significantly outperform those that do not in revenue and profit growth. But getting the greatest value from that investment, and managing the spiraling complexity of IT infrastructure, seems to get tougher every year.

Globecomm Cloud Services help you do both.

Cloud Services provide customers with “virtual machines,” each consisting of an operating system such as Windows or Linux and an application like SQL, Radius or Apache. Virtual machines include file, Web and mail servers as well as virtual desktops for computer users. They are virtual because they run on Globecomm’s cloud infrastructure, which delivers:

  • High availability
  • Secure access
  • Short configuration times
  • Robust disaster protection.
  • Savings from reduction in your data center’s server capacity and support requirements

Your Choice of Cloud

Depending on your needs, Globecomm can provide:

Public Cloud Services, in which your users share a network with others, which offers the best price-performance.

Private Cloud Services, using a dedicated network of virtual machines serving only your users, to ensure the security and performance of your applications.

Hybrid Cloud Services, for which we integrate our cloud infrastructure with your own servers to provide the right balance of cost-efficiency and security.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services Features:

  • Virtual SAN – SAS and SATA storage
  • Virtual computing with DRS and HA
  • Hypervisor with VMware software.
  • Network services
  • Security
  • Back-up
  • Automated provisioning & management & reporting