North America: USA

Communications Services and Systems for Media, Wireless, Government, Maritime and Enterprise

Globecomm Americas provides a broad range of innovative services and systems to media, wireless, maritime, business and government customers with mission-critical requirements.

  • Ken Miller International Teleport
  • Maryland Teleport
  • Network Ops Center

Services range from TV program origination and the hosting of mobile networks to robust and highly-secure communications for government, maritime voice and data services and business training networks. Our services are delivered through world-class teleports in New York and Maryland viewing the full arc for the Americas and transatlantic service, as well as an international network of fiber-connected teleports in locations around the world.

As systems integrators, we design and develop broadcast centers, mobile networks, content distribution networks and remote access terminals. With one of the largest and most experienced engineering staffs in the business, we are experts at making incompatible technologies work together and optimizing complex networks for maximum performance.