the distance, how treacherous the terrain, how challenging the technology, we at Globecomm are dedicated to providing the smartest, most robust connectivity from anyone to anything, anywhere.



The Most Complex Challenges Under the Most Difficult Circumstances. Smarter Connectivity Makes it Work. Period.

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Smarter Connectivity Today Drives Your Global Data Management Capabilities Into the Future.

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End-to-End Connectivity Custom-Engineered to Work Flawlessly.

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Smarter Connectivity Keeps Your Most Remote Locations Close to Home.

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Industrial IoT

A More Intelligent Infrastructure Begins with Smarter Connectivity Solutions.

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Industry Expertise


Sathya Maruthi, Sales Engineer, Globecomm speaks on the company’s new white paper “Taming the Capacity Beast for 5G Front and Backhaul”.

SVP Paul Scardino discusses how Globecomm is enabling the movement of content anywhere in the world, and addresses the major trends of Internet of Things and Big Data, LEO Constellations, strategic partnerships with AWS and AT&T, managing increased demands for capacity with cellular backhaul, and smarter broadcast distribution.

SSPI Podcast with Dwight Hunsicker and Mike Scotto

Better Satellite World: After a Disaster, a Little Satellite Goes a Long Way

Globecomm supports a variety of disaster relief organizations and government agencies around the world, helping with preparedness before disasters strike and restoring much-needed data, imagery and communications during and after crises.

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VSAT Connectivity Solutions

Secure and reliable global broadband service to improve performance, reduce costs and maintain crew welfare.
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Industrial IoT Solutions

Globecomm is your source for all your remote monitoring and intelligence needs. We can create a solution to your most challenging monitoring problems.
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Broadcast & Video

Today, organizations are faced with ever-expanding catalogues of content that need to be managed, monetized, secured, and globally distributed to audiences demanding a high-quality experience…
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Systems Integration

Our experienced engineers & technical staff provide design & integration of systems from control rooms & individual uplinks to complex, multi-protocol networks on which revenues…
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News & Press

Globecomm to Support Operationalisation of the UN Crisis Connectivity Charter

Globecomm is funding scholarships for GVF-developed training for users in a wide range of terminal equipment, from satellite phones and data units to VSAT terminals providing much greater capacity. 

Globecomm growth continues across crucial industry markets for Fiscal 2018

Hauppauge, NY, USA – July 31, 2018 –  Globecomm, a leading global service provider of multi-network communication solutions, today announced orders valued at over $215 million for its fiscal year 2018, which ended June 30, 2018. Orders from new customers as well as renewals and expansions contributed to robust growth across the company’s government, telecom, enterprise, oil and gas, and media markets.

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  • 1 Day Agoview on linkedin

    Globecomm Systems Inc.

    Still a hard job but...."The Connected Mine is an industry-specific version of the Internet of Things (IoT): a system of interconnected sensors, digital devices, computers and mechanical devices that transfer data & provide process automation without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Industrial IoT applications are evolutions of SCADA." Read more in our new white paper:

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    Globecomm Systems Inc.

    The role of satellites in maritime & in those 2-ton rolling data devices we used to call "cars" is profound. Check out today's schedule at #VSATGlobal & learn how Briese Schiffahrts expands its heavylift ships with the help of Ku-band VSAT service.